“Among all the members, she calls me the most.” -Yoona

“I’m so happy because Yoona is with us.” -Yuri

“Yoona is so busy all the time, that I like to listen to her talk.” -Yuri

“I mean~ Have you ever seen a pretty student like this~ hehe isn’t this awkward…?! Honestly.. this pose… didn’t our roles switch?” -Yuri’s blog

“Yoona spent last night with Yuri in her room as asked Yuri why she didn’t reply to her text message.” -Fansite

[fan] “Yoona~ what couple do you like?” [yoong]“YoonYul ^^” -Yoona

[fan] “Kwon Yuri, I am taking your husband.” [yul] “Yoona is mine ><” -Yuri

“My twin, Yul unnie! Now it’s about time we start to look different… when would we stop getting surprised looking at pictures?…” -Yoona

“We talk to eachother a lot sometimes. Many people say we are YoonYul. When you’re feeling down, I’ll do that expression again for you.” -Yoona messages Yuri

“We’re connected…you know that.” -Yuri messages Yoona

“The students were alarmed at the appearance of an angel-like girl in the studio.” -Yuri

[fan] “Yuri, you have to choose only one between Sica and Yoona!” [yoona]“yoona yoona yoona! ..XD” -Yoona

“I envy her dancing abilities to catch the others’ attention through her attractiveness.” -Yoona

“Since Yoona is gone there is no one to play with…” -Yuri

[Sunny] “Can’t you just make another Yoongsan?” [Yuri] “Can’t give away this one. It possesses Yoona’s soul and Yoona’s touch with it..” -Yuri

Real Friendship is the sharing of all that the heart holds inside, it’s tears and laughter, it’s joy and broken dreams. Because friendship dwells in the heart where time and distance know boundaries, it understands the depth of true feelings and the sound of words unspoken. It is a true gift, for it connects the heart of soulmates together forever.